3D Laser Scanning / Quality Control Inspection

3D Laser Scanning

Are you looking for 3D scanning services, quality control inspection, first article inspection or reverse engineering services with an ISO 9001:2008-certified company?

Manufacturers and OEM’s looking for 3D laser scanning services and quality control inspection services can now take advantage of new reverse engineering technology at Ohio Laser, in Plain City, Ohio. Some of the benefits of 3d laser scanning services for your manufacturing staff include:
  • Quality control inspection is now possible for engineers needing parts of a very complex geometry up to 48” square reverse engineered
  • Using a laser QC service, you'll gain peace of mind with flat part inspection and first article inspection of parts during the entire forming and assembly process
  • Combined with ISO 9001:2008 certification, QC inspection provides peace of mind for your parts with exacting tolerances for first article inspection
The key features of our 3D laser scanning service include:
  • Eliminates scrap material; unnecessary re-work and re-scheduling due to parts being out of specification
  • Laser scans parts up 8" inch thick, with a weight of up to 200lbs
  • Formats objects up to 48" x 48" in a single scan
  • Uses a quick multiple scanning process to ‘merge’ parts of infinite length and up to twice the width of the 48” x 48” scan table
  • Generates production templates for the most important inspection dimensions
  • Gathers key data on the critical specifications and dimensions of parts
  • Creates inspection reports in seconds to meet quality control requirements
  • Creates SPC data including charting data in a Histogram, Run Chart, and X Bar/Range plot
Do you need to reverse engineer new or old parts?

Old parts can be reversed engineered without original drawings or tooling, and new parts can undergo quality control inspection throughout each production run. The benefits of reverse engineering services for airplane parts, gaskets for the energy industry, and flat parts in general, are unlimited.

Reverse engineering services using Ohio Laser’s laser quality control inspection technology can:
  • Measure any flat or opaque part
  • Perform sheet metal inspection, gasket inspection and QC inspection where tolerance must be exacting
  • Increase the accuracy of laser cut and fabricated metal parts in production
  • Document press brake parts and increasing operator confidence in what they are producing to meet customer demands
  • Allows for Statistical Process Control (SPC) to be used if required and reverse engineer flat metal parts
For more information about how your company can benefit from 3D laser scanning, reverse engineering services, quality control inspection services, please contact us today.

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