Cutting Antimicrobial Copper

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Any manufacturer or fabricator using Antimicrobial Copper alloys in production would benefit from the fiber laser cutting services offered by Ohio Laser. In 2008 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved the official registration of companies that make products from Antimicrobial Copper alloys. EPA registered business are permitted to make public health claims about their products’ ability to kill specific disease-causing bacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

For example, one study shows that on certain Antimicrobial Copper alloy surfaces, more than 99.9 percent of MRSA "superbugs" die less than two hours at room temperature. MRSA is a growing and dangerous strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and increasingly is causing infections (sometimes resulting in death) in hospital and medical facilities.

laser brass cuttingAntimicrobial Copper is found in hospital products like copper sinks, copper countertops, copper floor tiles, copper wall tiles, copper work stations, automatic copper door push plates, copper door brake plates, copper sheeting in elevators, copper carts, exercise and rehabilitation equipment with copper and brass parts, copper chart holders, copper clipboards, copper filing systems for medical records, copper mop plates, or even copper tabletops.

Other copper or brass products made from laser cutting copper including copper roofing, copper ceiling tiles, copper architectural products, copper roofing tiles and copper induction motors (for electric cars), plus architectural firms who design “green buildings” that use copper cladding, copper sun shades and copper eaves to comply with LEED™ certification.

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Ohio Laser serves clients both large and small in virtually all major manufacturing industries in North America including medical, automotive, furniture, point of display, food equipment, and heavy industrial equipment producers.

Laser Cutting Copper Laser Cutting Brass Services

Laser cutting copper and laser cutting brass was until recently considered impractical by manufacturers of products made from copper sheet metal and brass sheet metal. However, ISO 9001:2008 certified Ohio Laser recently acquired advanced fiber laser cutting technology to cut copper sheet and cut brass sheet between .032” and .125” thick. Manufacturers and OEMs can now benefit from the company’s capability to cut non ferrous metals such as flat copper sheet and flat brass sheet. Common copper alloys cut at Ohio Laser include copper 110, copper 102, C194 copper, and 17510 copper (RWMA CLASS lll). Ohio Laser also provides fiber laser cutting services of steel sheet metal to .5”, stainless steel sheet to .25”, and aluminum sheet to .1875.” Click here if you have technical question or want a quote.

brass cutting

Advantages of Laser Copper Cutting vs. Traditional Methods

Copper fabricators and brass fabricators can improve their manufacturing processes and lower costs using laser cut copper sheet and laser cut brass sheet from laser cutting company Ohio Laser:
  • Laser cutting non ferrous metals is far faster
  • Set up times are much shorter reducing product development time
  • Laser cutting copper makes prototyping easy and flexible
  • Just-In-time cutting of copper and cutting of brass is possible

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