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The newest addition to our tube cutting technologies is a new 3600 Watt Trumpf TruLaser 7000 laser tube cutting system, the first of its kind in the Midwest.

Industry experts consider this laser tube cutting system to be one of the most advanced in the world.

Features of this new German built tube cutting machine include:
  • Laser tube cutting outside dimensions between .6” through 8” square tubes and 10” round tubes.
  • Processes round, square and rectangle tubes and pipes from .6” up to 10” in diameter and up to inch wall thicknesses
  • Accommodates tubes up to 29.5’ long weighing a maximum of 500 pounds
  • Includes an automated loading system that handles up to 8000 lbs of tubes at a time, allowing it to operate hours at a time without a worker present
  • Utilizes parts programming for quick set up times when changing jobs
  • Includes self-centering chucking jaws that do not need to be changed, and rollers that guide the tubes through the machine automatically adjust to their diameter
  • Automatically adjusting focal point for the material type and thickness of the tubes in the system at any given time. The machine’s software also independently adjusts to the focus parameters, eliminating any set-up time
  • Almost unlimited cutting configurations
  • Elimination of stack up tolerances inherent in multiple operations
  • No tooling charges
  • Smaller lot sizes and processing of a wide variety of metal alloys
  • Reduced weld fixture costs and increased production output with the kink or plug in connections that this system generates
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Manufacturers in numerous industries can benefit from this leading-edge industrial tube cutting technology by outsourcing their work for faster production of frames, racks, supports, trusses, manifolds or any other item made from cut tubes. A few of the most common products produced using this laser tube cutting technology include: playground equipment, weightlifting wall mounts, outdoor sign frames, garment racks, hand railing, ornamental railing, bar fixtures, store fixtures, point of purchase displays, sign stands, folding tables, medical carts, salad bar sneeze guards, food guards, industrial tables, display cases, roll bar cages, recreational vehicles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) like go karts and four wheelers, conveyer tubes, medical bed frames, adjustable basketball systems, shelving, racking systems, wheel chair frames, bed frames.

If you're considering laser tube cutting services to produce frames, racks, supports, trusses, manifolds or any item from cut tubes, we can help you get your product to market faster and more cost efficiently.

Our robust laser tube cutting systems feature:
  • Cuts tubes with outside dimensions from .6 to 10”
  • Handles carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum to .50” wall thickness
  • Processes round, oval, rectangular and squares tubes
  • Finishes holes and complex contours in one operation
Click on the tube cutting pictures below to see examples of our laser tube cutting:
laser cut parts Strengthen your designs with the use of sheet metal Complex tube cut parts Seamless tube design-to-programming Use tube cutting to design a coding system that avoids assembly mistakes
Cable duct in aluminium and stainless steel Use laser tube cutting to position parts for welding Flange for gas tight weldment - milling of flange plate is not required More laser cut parts Tab and slot for proper welding alignment Large Volume Tube Cutting Stainless Tube Cutting Stainless Tube Cutting

Dedicated laser tube cutting facility


Over 1 Million Pounds in Inventory Every Day

perforated tube sampleThe benefits of laser tube cutting include almost unlimited cutting configurations, elimination of stack up tolerances inherent in multiple operations, no tooling charges, reduced lot sizes and a wide variety of metal alloys.

Ohio Laser utilizes the most advanced laser tube processing technology in the world to produce custom tubes and custom tubing. Custom tube work at our plant often can involve tube bending, tube welding and tube processing services, not just tube cutting services.

Our production tube cutting facility features numerous laser tube cutting stations, CNC tube cutting machines, tube bending presses and tube welding stations to process tubular components made from metal tubing or metal tubes.

Over many decades our experienced staff has worked with mechanical tubes and mechanical tubing for countless applications. We regularly have fabricated tubes using precision tube cutting and tube machining technology to add value for customers in many different industries. One key advantage to working with Ohio Laser is our large and diverse inventory of steel tubes and steel tubing. As a leading tube fabricator, we desire to lower your manufacturing costs and improve your quality with our precision tube cutting services!

tube cut partThe advantages of laser tube cutting compared to conventional tube cutting methods are dramatic. Laser tube cutting reduces production costs by consolidating as many 9 operations associated with conventional tube cutting into one automated process. Conventional job shops must maintain sawing, drilling and milling operations to process metal tubes or steel tubes, and also are responsible to handle work in progress as it travels throughout the building. After production is completed, operators then use conventional means to move and store metal tubes. Each of these different processes can require its own dedicated operator, increasing labor costs and overhead.

Our world-class Tubematic laser tube cutting technology automates all tube processing functions in one single machine using one operator. This technology greatly speeds tube processing time, and is more accurate and powerful than traditional methods. In one programming sequence we can incorporate extremely complicated tube profiles into tubes to greatly reduce welding costs by simplifying their assembly. In addition, out tube cutting technology can rapidly mill, drill and cut tubes in a single operation while in motion on an automated lathe.

Advantages of Laser Tube Cutting:
Advantages of Laser Tube Cutting

Our production tube laser cutting system can precision cut holes, slots and complex contours in tubes without hard tooling. This CAD-driven system can accommodate oval, rectangular, round, and square tubes with outside dimensions between .6” through 8” square tubes and 10” round tubes. This highly advanced laser tube cutting system is also adept at pipe cutting for many applications. 

Tubematic tube cutting machine

If you are producing frames, racks, supports, trusses, manifolds or any item from cut tubes, we can help you get your product to market faster and better. We are delighted to answer any questions you may have about using this advanced tube cutting technology for industrial applications.

Ohio Laser features the most advanced flat laser cutting, tube cutting and pipe cutting capabilities in the Midwest, and offers a complete range of value added fabrication services. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your company!

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